CSS wildcard or CSS Regular expression? – You may be looking for CSS Attribute Selector.

CSS Attribute Selector – Here’s the scenario: You want to add styling to all elements that have “read” in the  name of the class.

For instance: Below classes have some of the same wording.


In CSS, selectors are patterns used to select the element(s) you want to style.  If you are looking for a CSS wildcard or CSS Regular expression then what you might  be trying to find is a CSS Attribute Selector.

CSS Attribute Selector – HTML – for CSS Wildcard

*note the space after “-read ” for book 3.

<div class="mark-as-unread otherClass">   Book 1   </div>
<div class="mark-as-reading otherClass">   Book 2   </div>
<div class="mark-as-read otherClass">   Book 3   </div>
<div class="mark-as-not-interested otherClass">   Book 4   </div>

CSS Attribute Selector – CSS – for CSS Wildcard

div[class*='-read'] {color:blue; }
div[class*='-read '] {text-decoration:line-through;}
div[class*='mark-as'] {font-style:italic; }
.otherClass {font-size:200%;}

CSS Wildcard or CSS Selectors to note

  • ^ – matches if the attribute begins with the given string
  • $ – matches if the attribute ends with the given string
  • * – matches any part of the attribute value that contains given string

CSS Selectors List / CSS Wildcard Table

SelectorExampleExample descriptionCSS
[attribute][target]Selects all elements with a target attribute2
[attribute=value][target=_blank]Selects all elements with target=”_blank”2
[attribute~=value][title~=nickfever]Selects all elements with a title attribute containing the word “nickfever”2
[attribute|=value][lang|=en]Selects all elements with a lang attribute value starting with “en”2
[attribute^=value]a[src^=”https”]Selects every <a> element whose src attribute value begins with “https”3
[attribute$=value]a[src$=”.pdf”]Selects every <a> element whose src attribute value ends with “.pdf”3
[attribute*=value]a[src*=”nickfever”]Selects every <a> element whose src attribute value contains the substring “nickfever”3


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