In the Asp age NetBox can the entire ASP website allinone packaged into an exe, in the case of IIS can run the exe to open the entire site. Asp.Net been no similar products may IIS has been very strong, does not require a similar product? But still need a similar function in a certain scene, this product is not used to partially substitute IIS to do a lightweight IIS, but is used to easily and quickly show clients.

For example, when the completion of a website development, or part of the completion of the development, would like to show to customers, collect customer feedback, generally there are two ways:

Own host and domain name, the site published to the Internet, allowing users to access the site through the Internet.
2 deployed to the site on a laptop, an engineer with a website to collect customer feedback customers.

NetBox combination thinking the whole site packaged into an exe AllInOne try to put things into an exe, so when demonstrating to the customer, you can direct the exe sent to the user, the user directly run the exe on see the website of the realization of the case, so whether the increase gave the presentation of a new means.

Packing procedures, Jelly.Packer.exe is developed from the idea of ​​the whole site is packaged into a AllInOne exe, and then packaged to generate exe to the customer to make presentations.

Home Directory: the position of the website where you want to pack, you have compiled a good site to publish folders, general Visual Studio site publish output folder.

  • Virtual Directory: The site virtual path, “/”, if you pack the two sites, would like to run on the same port, you can use the virtual path to distinguish between general use.
  • List Directory: when there is no default page, whether to allow a directory listing.
  • Authentication: whether to require secure identity access.
  • Auto Show: whether to automatically turn on the site, and at the same time open the default browser to access this site.
  • The Default Files: The site default page.

When configured above properties, the point of “OK”, it will be generated in the same directory Jelly.Packer.exe a Jelly.SingleRunner.exe, is designated website Jelly.SingleRunner.exe the AllInOne the packaged good exe can the exe to the customer to do presentations.

When the run Jelly.SingleRunner.exe will open the specified port settings just Jelly.Packer.exe the website:

Initially had considered a lightweight web Server, website, and a light browser packaged together so that you do not need to occupy the port, like MSDN help manual ms-help protocol to achieve, and later taking into account the need to a browser can access this demo site also publicly available to the local area network, so that other machines in the client’s local network can also access this demand, lightweight web server and Web sites are packaged together, may is a better choice now.


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